Privacy and Security 隐私与安全

Privacy and Security

This privacy protection statement applies to users who use the website of Hubei Aerospace Cable Co., LTD and the various services provided by the website. We solemnly promise to respect and protect users' personal privacy. We will not publish users' personal information without users' authorization, unless required by law or procedure. We will regularly review our privacy protection measures, track the development trend of security technology, and update our technology and management measures.

1. Users are required to provide necessary personal information when using some services of hubei Aerospace Cable Co., LTD. 's website, usually including name, gender, address, contact number and Email. We will keep user information and relevant requirements confidential.

2. We will adopt technical and administrative measures to protect users' privacy. When users provide us with sensitive information, we will take reasonable steps to protect users' sensitive information, and we will take reasonable security measures to protect stored personal information. The website will strictly manage and protect the data provided by users, and will use appropriate technologies to prevent the loss, theft or alteration of users' personal data.

4. The website of Hubei Aerospace Cable Co., Ltd. will strictly protect users' personal privacy, and promises not to disclose users' personal information without users' consent. However, under the following exceptional circumstances, it is not possible to guarantee the aforementioned commitment and disclose the relevant information of the user. These situations include but are not limited to:

(1) when the user behavior on this site violates the measures for the administration of international networking of computer information network security protection, the measures for the administration of Internet information service, the "Internet electronic bulletin service management regulations" and "the standing committee of the National People's Congress on maintaining Internet security decision", or may damage or interfere with the rights and interests of other users or cause others to suffer damage, The disclosure of users' personal data is necessary for the purpose of identification, liaison or legal action.
(2) Personal information that must be disclosed or made public according to laws and regulations.
(3) When judicial authorities or other authorized authorities perform official duties according to law and require the website to disclose specific personal data.

5. Hubei Aerospace Cable Co., Ltd. has taken complete technical measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of users' information. However, hubei Aerospace Cable Co., Ltd. does not assume any legal responsibility for the damage, disclosure and loss of users' information caused by force majeure or due to computer virus infection, hacker attack and other special external forces, but we will take necessary measures to reduce the loss of users.

6. At any time, if users think that the website of Hubei Aerospace Cable Co., Ltd. does not comply with this statement, please send an email to to inform us, and we will make every effort to take corresponding improvement measures.

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