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The website of Hubei Aerospace Cable Co., LTD. mainly provides visitors with company profile, important news, industry trends and main business information. For your convenience, this guide will show you how to find all kinds of information easily and how to use other features of the site.

1. What kind of browser and interface resolution can meet browsing requirements?
This site is recommended to use Google Chrome, 1920x1080 resolution for browsing.
2. Methods for users to find information in the website:
Enter each column to view information directly.
3. How to save the web page?
You can click Save as on the File menu to select a file type as required.
4. How to collect the current page?
You only need to click "Favorites" in the web browser to change the save name of the web page, and then click "OK".
5. How to contact us?
If you have any questions or have any suggestions when browsing this website, you can find the company email and customer service number at the bottom right of the page, send an email or call.
6. How to create a desktop shortcut for the current web page?
You just need to right-click the current web page and click Create Shortcut.
7. Why can't open the web page?
If you access the Internet through the LAN, due to the LAN to the external egress bandwidth limit, a timeout error occurs when connecting to the website will occur connection failure. If you encounter a web page can not open the problem, sometimes just refresh, sometimes you need to change the time to log in again.

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